Make a Splash!: An Overview of Passionate Paint Finishes for Walls (3)

Paint Finishes for Walls32. Sponging. Sponging involves applying latex paint with a sponge directly onto the wall. Different sponges produce different results — a household sponge gives a different effect than a sea sponge. You also can use sponge rollers, available at Home Depot, to make this job go very quickly.

You can sponge with one color over a base coat of a different color. In this case, the base color will be seen on the surface. For a subtle effect, you can use two colors in the same family: one for the base coat, and one for the sponged surface.

Using the same sheen in the two coats will provide a subtle effect, as well. For a more dramatic effect, choose two colors that contrast well – one for the base coat, and one for the sponging. They can be different shades of the same color, or two different colors, such as a pastel pink over a pastel yellow base.

If you use two different sheens for the two coats, you will add even more depth to the finish. You can also bring in a variety of tones by laying down the base color, and then sponging with two colors, instead of one. The sample (above) was achieved by sponging orange and yellow together over a white base coat. The two colors were blended with a sponge while they were still wet.

For a look that is less blended and more defined, you can sponge with one color, let it dry, and then sponge with the other color.

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