Make a Splash!: An Overview of Passionate Paint Finishes for Walls

Paint Finishes for Walls“Painting isn’t an aesthetic operation;

it’s a form of magic.”

~Pablo Picasso

Don’t worry; we’re not expecting you to be Picasso, or even to LIKE Picasso! But we thought that the above quote was a good way to start this section. Of course, successfully completing a decorative paint finish certainly requires mechanical know-how.

But just as important is the joy with which you approach your “canvas” (you know, that wall that’s just begging for some color!) Undertaking a decorative painting project means having a sense of humor, a lot of patience, and the mental space to go slowly.

It means being open to learning as you go along, and trusting yourself to make good decisions when you get to a crossroad. It means letting go of all your fears about “not being an artist”. We don’t care if you can’t even draw a straight line…you CAN make your walls beautiful!

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