An Index of Other Painting Techniques (3)

An Index of Other Painting Techniques3Faux finishes are techniques that simulate looks such as marble, granite, tortoiseshell, malachite, agate, lapis lazuli, copper, wrought iron, pewter, steel, aged bronze, verdigris, plaster, patina, gilding, and leather. While these techniques are most often found on furniture or décor items, they can also be used on walls.

Faux wood finishes are techniques that simulate woods such as mahogany, birdseye maple, oak, beech, pine, and burr walnut. Again, these are most prevalent on furniture items (for examples, see our previous instructions for a faux wood built-in cabinet), but can be used to create faux panels or used on trims or moldings.

Stamping refers to a design that has been created by using foam, rubber, or hand-cut stamps to impress and replicate a repeated image.

Stenciling refers to a design that has been painted using a stencil, which is a piece of plastic or other sturdy surface in which a design has been cut out. Paint is applied to the cutout areas and the design remains when the stencil is removed from the wall. Overlays are multiple stencils placed on top of one another to create new painted layers.

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