An Index of Other Painting Techniques

An Index of Other Painting TechniquesRagging is similar to sponging, except the dabbing is done with rags torn into approximately 12-inch-square pieces

Ragging Off and Sponging Off is the reverse of ragging and sponging, in that the rag or sponge is used to remove paint from the surface instead of adding paint to it. The painted surface is very wet due to a glazing liquid that has been added. When you remove the glazed paint from the surface with a rag or sponge, the base color shows from underneath. It produces a more subtle effect than regular ragging or sponging.

Flogging is created with a long-hair bristle brush, known as a flogger, which is similar to a dragging brush. After a color glaze is applied to the wall, the finish is produced by flogging, or striking, the surface with the sides of the bristles.

Fresco is the ancient art of painting on wet plaster using pigments and water. The look is created by applying several colored glazes randomly over a wall surface and then blending them together with a soft brush. After the glazes have dried, a whitewash (thin coat of diluted white paint) is brushed on top of the glazes, and then rubbed off with a rag to create a faded, time-worn look.

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