Make a Splash!: An Overview of Passionate Paint Finishes for Walls (6)

Paint Finishes for Walls64. Stippling. Stippling gives a delicate, subtle finish with a mottled effect. It is a wonderful way to add texture and dimension while still maintaining a very finished, polished appearance of the wall. It should be noted that this technique can be quite tiring to complete as the brush has to be dabbed over the surface many times with even pressure.

We recommend a specialty stippling brush to make the job go faster. 4.

An alternative to a stippling brush is a large wallpaper pasting brush. This will create even more dimension because the coarseness of the bristles will be thicker than with a stippling brush.

The Steps:

1. Create a mixture of 1 part paint to 1 part wallpaper paste and mix thoroughly.

2. Brush on a thin and even coat of the mixture over an area of about 2 square feet.

3. Take your paint brush or stippling brush and dab over the surface with the tips of the bristles until the effect is even. Continue until there are no obvious seams between painted areas, and the effect looks soft and mottled.

4. Repeat these steps on the next area of the wall. As an alternative, you can stipple with a brush loaded with a dark color that has been mixed with a glazing liquid.

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