Preparing Your Surface (4)

Preparing Your Surface4Removing Strippable Wallpaper: There are several methods to remove wallpaper from your walls. Remember that it usually takes a full day to strip wallpaper from an average-size room. Many new wallpapers are strippable, which means they can be removed without chemicals or water.

To check if your wallpaper is strippable, use a putty knife (or a dull kitchen knife) to pull up at the corner of a seam near the bottom of the wall. Does the paper pull away easily as you gently pull it with the knife? If so, you have strippable wallpaper and should say a quick prayer of thanks to the wallpaper goddesses, because your job will be easy!

To remove the paper, grab the lower corner of a strip and pull it away until both corners of the strip are free. Hold the bottom edge with both hands and pull until the whole strip is off the wall. Repeat until you have removed all strips.

If the paper is not coming off easily in some places, use a razor knife to make a series of horizontal strips in the wallpaper, about 10 inches apart from one another.

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