Preparing Your Surface (5)

Preparing Your Surface5Then you can loosen the smaller section of paper and pull it off. The walls in most homes that are less than 50 years old use drywall, also called plasterboard, which are sheets of chalk-like substance covered with thin cardboard. When you remove strippable wallpaper, the paper surface of the drywall may come up.

If this happens you should stop immediately because it means that the drywall was not properly sealed. If you find yourself in this situation, glue down any loose pieces with regular white glue. Then, fill in the uneven areas with spackling compound and sand the finish to make it smooth.

Note that there is a difference between peelable wallpaper and strippable wallpaper. While strippable wallpaper can be stripped completely in pieces, peelable wallpaper has a vinyl top coat that can be peeled off, while the backing remains on the wall.

This backing must be removed with the technique for removing washable wallpaper, which is described below. Even if the backing is in good condition, do not leave it on the wall. Neither wallpaper glue nor paint will adhere to it.

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