You’re on a “Roller”: The Nuts and Bolts of Painting

The Nuts and Bolts of PaintingIf you’ve visited your paint, hardware, or home improvement store, you’ve probably already realized that there are some extra steps in between choosing a paint color and getting the paint on the wall. You may be asking questions like, What kind of finish do I select?

How much paint do I buy? Do I need a primer? What kinds of brushes do I need? Well, look no further, your answers are right here! To frame this discussion, first we’ll introduce the five steps involved in painting a wall. We call them the “Five P’s”, and they serve as the nuts and bolts of the process. To get you from clueless to colorful, we will walk you through each one!

  1. Prepare
  2. Prime
  3. Primary base coat
  4. Painted finish
  5. Protective top coat
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