Choosing and Purchasing Paints and Supplies (2)

Choosing and PurchasingA semigloss finish (also referred to as a semigloss enamel) is most commonly used for furniture, trim, and woodwork. It is durable and reflects light, which makes trim and woodwork in this finish appear crisp and clean. Marks and cracks on the surface, however, are very visible.

If you are going to apply a decorative finish using a glaze, semigloss is the best choice for a base coat, as it is easier to control glaze on top of a shiny surface.

A high-gloss finish is the most durable of the finishes, and for this reason it often is used for exteriors and doors. It is also used on interior doors, baseboards, and trim to add depth and shine.

Other Paint Products: If your project is a decorative finish, you may be using other paint products besides latex and alkyd paints, so here’s a list for your referral:

Artist’s acrylic paint is sold by the tube and has the consistency of toothpaste. It is expensive and is not economically practical for covering large surfaces.

If you are tinting a glazing liquid, artist’s acrylics allow you greater freedom than using latex paint, since you can mix colors to arrive at the perfect shade.

Artist’s oil paint comes in tubes of creamy, concentrated color and is most often used by professional painters to custom-mix colors. It can only be mixed with oil-based paint and oil-based glazing liquid. Some colors are extremely toxic.

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