Choosing and Purchasing Paints and Supplies (3)

Choosing and Purchasing3Spray paint allows you to create a smooth finish without brush strokes. Acrylic and alkyd paints are available in spray varieties, as are faux stone finishes, metallic finishes, and lacquers. Stencil paints are specialty paints used when working with stencils.

They are extremely quick-drying which prevents paint from seeping below the stencil. In addition, they allow you to move a stencil without smearing your work, and add shading and layered colors immediately.

While you can use any paint for stenciling, one of the specialty stencil paints or a quick-drying paint will ensure a more professional result.

Other products used for stenciling and stamping include ceramic paint, fabric paint, oil-based creams and crayons, and rubber- stamping dyes and inks.

Glazes are liquids that, when mixed with paint, turn the paint color from opaque to translucent. When you apply a tinted or colored glaze, the base color will show through the layer of glaze. Another purpose of a glazing liquid is to slow down the drying time so that you can blend colored glazes to achieve decorative finishes.

All glazes used to be oil-based, but water-based glazes are now readily available. They are better for the environment, provide easier cleanup, and can be mixed with water instead of being mixed with paint thinner or turpentine.

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