Choosing and Purchasing Paints and Supplies (4)

Choosing and Purchasing4Water-based glaze: Mix 1 part water-based glazing liquid to 1 part latex or acrylic paint, and then add enough water until you reach the consistency of syrup.

Oil-based glaze: Mix 1 part oil-based glazing liquid to 1 part alkyd paint, and then add enough paint thinner or turpentine until you reach the consistency of syrup. The more glazing liquid you add, the more translucent the mixture will be; the more paint you add, the more opaque it will be.

Purchasing paint: By this point, you should have an idea of whether you are interested in latex or alkyd paint. But don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson at the paint, hardware, or home improvement store for advice or help. You can explain your specific needs, ask questions, and hey – you’ll actually KNOW what they are talking about, since you are reading this book! If you can, select the best paint that your budget allows.

Cheap paint is thin and runny and you’ll have to apply many more coats than with a high-quality brand paint. Generally speaking, one gallon of paint will cover a 350-400 square foot room, but double-check the coverage on the paint can. Of course, if you are doing a decorative finish, you usually will need less paint.

Purchasing Painting Tools: It’s important to purchase the best quality brushes that your budget will allow. Refer to this list for guidance:

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