Choosing the Right Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Decorating bedroom can’t be separated from choosing the right wardrobe to be placed inside because wardrobe contributes an important role in giving nuances for your bedroom, besides bed. Having no wardrobe means you have no place to put your clean clothes which will make your bedroom look messy.  However, buying too big or too small wardrobe can make your room look too empty or too full. There are two main points that should be considered before buying wardrobe for your bedroom: wardrobe’s size and style.

Wardrobe’s size

You should know the exact size of your bedroom so you can optimize the usage of each space. If your bedroom isn’t too wide, you can use high wardrobe so there’s no space left between wardrobe and ceiling. In contrast, when you have quite large bedroom, you don’t need to buy tall wardrobe because it will makes your bedroom look empty. You can buy a wide one.

Deciding the wardrobe’s size also depends or the number of your belongings. If you have many clothes, you need a big one. If you plan to separate your clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, you should buy wardrobe with many separators. You can consult to the seller how to use each part of the wardrobe. If your belongings aren’t too much, you don’t necessarily buy a big wardrobe.

Wardrobe’s style

You should also know the wardrobe’s style that you want to be placed in your bedroom. It’s something stupid if you choose wardrobe you don’t like just because it was in discount. You can find wardrobes with various styles, designs and also colors that you can choose based on your need.

You can choose either door-less, sliding door, or hinged wardrobe. You can also choose either free standing wardrobe or fitted wardrobe. If you love moving the position of bedroom furniture, standing wardrobe is certainly your right choice.

From the material, you can also consider between door glass and timber veneer wardrobe. Having a door glass wardrobe saves your money for not buying mirror again. Still related to style, you also need to determine the solution. Do you need built-in complete racks to put all your clothes, drawers to store your lingerie, shoes racks to put all your shoes collections, and/or hangers to hang easy tangled clothes?

Well, based on those two things, make sure you choose the right wardrobe to be placed in your bedroom. Having all items you love stored well in your bedroom will make you stay comfortably. Pick wardrobe that you love and no one won’t comment to your decision because bedroom is the most private room that you have.

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