Types of Garage Doors

Garage is a place which is usually built beside your house to save and protect your vehicle like car or motorcycle from weather and thief. Besides, your garage has function to support your house appearance. You should design your garage nicely which suits your house design. Talking about garage you should know that one of the important parts of garage is garage door because it can be the right barrier for your car security reason. Generally this door can be divided into two types, folding garage door and rolling garage door.

Folding garage door usually is made of wood so you can take care of it easily. This door really matches with your house design which uses classic, minimalist, or even modern design. Furthermore, it can also be made of iron or metal so your own vehicle can be safer inside your garage. To increase your garage security and appearance, you can use genie garage door opener from 1st Door openers. Using this folding garage door your garage and house will look exquisite. The advantage of using this door is it cannot be broken easily but you should spend a lot of money to get folding garage door.

Rolling garage door is also made of wood and iron or metal. Most of people usually use iron rolling garage door because their garage will look modern. Unfortunately this door can be jammed easily if you don’t take care of it regularly but fortunately it is cheaper than folding garage door. Besides, you can paint this door so it looks nice. You can use paint products which are able to survive from corrosion, mushroom, and climate change. Choose colors which match with your house so it will be harmonious.

For the time being you can also choose type of sectional garage door which is an automatic and modern garage door. This door will rise up vertically and go back to garage ceiling. Of course this automatic garage door is designed elegantly and modernly but you should spend a lot of money to get it, it is more expensive than folding and rolling garage door.

Whatever garage door you choose, make sure that your choice is the right choice, at least you can protect your own vehicle inside your garage safely.

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