Painting Procedures & Guidelines

 Painting Procedures & GuidelinesBelieve it or not, this is the easy part! The hardest part is choosing your products and choosing them well. The rest is a piece of cake! Just follow these steps. If you are applying a primer, follow these steps first with the primer, and then with the paint:

  1. If you are not wearing gloves, you can rub your hands with baby oil to help remove the paint from your hands afterwards.
  2. You will paint the ceiling first. This is so you can apply the paint with a roller without worrying about spattering completed walls. If the ceiling is going to be a different color than the walls, use either a 2”-3” brush or an angled brush (which has angled bristles) to apply paint around the edges where the wall and ceiling meet.
  3. An extension roller makes painting the ceiling very easy. Begin by painting a large letter “M” with the roller.
  4. Fill in the “M” with parallel horizontal strokes. For best results, make your strokes as long and continuous as possible, and continually roll into the wet surface to eliminate roller marks.
  5. Finish the area with light vertical roller strokes.
  6. After painting the ceiling, you will paint the walls, so that the paint can be applied using a roller without having to worry about spattering completed trim. Use painter’s tape on places where the wall meets trim, windows, and doors. Press down firmly on the tape so that paint does not seep underneath it.
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