Should You Consider the Buyer Remorse? (2)

 Should You Consider 2The couple came into town during the home inspection in order to make sure everything was in good working order. The home passed with a few minor repairs being necessary, like most homes. The septic test came back fine and there were no wood-destroying insects. The only test that failed was the well water test. The home had a small amount of bacteria in the well.

Since Ted and Gretchen had lived most of their lives in the city, they were used to municipal water and sewer systems. This became the point of explosion. Ted called his agent and told her that he wanted the sale canceled immediately, and wanted his deposit back. “And by the way, how dare they try to sell us a house with bad water.”

The agent correctly explained that according to the sales contract, the buyers had to go through with the purchase if the sellers were willing to correct the problem. Furthermore, bacteria in wells is not uncommon. Bacteria can be found in some bottled spring water as well.

A simple shocking of the well to kill any bacteria generally cures the problem. If there really is a source of bacteria getting into the water supply from somewhere, then the sellers may put an ultra violet light on the water supply. That would kill any bacteria that could possibly come into the home.

The buyers told their agent to get them out of the deal any way she could. They would not buy a contaminated home. In the meantime, the seller had also received a copy of the inspection report and the recommendation by the inspector to shock the well with a chlorine treatment.

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