Steps to Build a New House

Some people might not be comfortable living in current house so they decide to move to another place and build a new house there. The others might renovate their old house completely and build a new one in the same land. No matter what the reason is, if you want to build a new house, here are the steps:

  • Make a home design
    Making the home design is the main step that you should do when you plan to build a new house. In this case, you need to know your family needs are and expected things. In this case, determining home style and shape is also included. Which do you want, traditional or modern house? One floor or multi floors? Also know the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms that you want to have. Then, don’t forget to measure the size of each room. In this case, if you can’t design by yourself well, just hire an architect or home designer. Make sure that he/she works well.
  • Know your budget
    Having the home design, the cost of building materials can be estimated. Always remember that budget is very important. Don’t make your house construction stop in the middle of the process just because of running out of money. If that happens, you will waste time to look for money to be able to continue the construction. Besides, the unfinished construction can be broken due to weather. Thus, avoid this by preparing the budget since the beginning of the project. Don’t forget to include the architect’s and constructor’s fee in the calculation.
  • Look for a constructor
    Because you aren’t able to build the house by yourself, you certainly need to hire a constructor. In this case, don’t pick constructor randomly because constructor that you hire will influence the home quality that you will get later. When you meet potential constructors, ask first about their experiences, portfolios, and testimonials. Qualified constructors know everything about construction well including materials that should be used. If you want to build a multi floors house, he knows where to rent crane mats to be used for cranes during the home project. For the testimonials, you contact his previous customers to get accurate feedbacks. If they express their satisfactions, you can hire him. After that, you can make a written contract to avoid bad things happen.

After that, monitor the construction, whether it matches with the period determined or not. If it doesn’t you should ask the home builders to work faster. If they don’t build the house based on the design, you need to remind them to follow it. At the end, you will get your dream house.

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