Mistakes in Decorating Living Room

There are many things you and your family members usually do in the living room like having family time (having a coffee, watching TV or movie, accompanying children doing homework, etc.), receiving guests, doing some works, etc. Thus, having a comfortable living room is a must. Have it and never do these mistakes when decorating it:

Don’t consider living room size

It’s a mistake if you decorate your living room without considering the room’s size. Doing this you’ll have an uncomfortable living room. For example, having small living room you purchase too big and much furniture. Imagine how can a small living room be comfortable if you do this? It’s most likely the space will be used to only put the furniture. Or like mentioned before, you buy too much furniture without thinking whether they all can be put in the living room or not. Besides, you might make decision by preferring ordinary racks/storages to the built-in ones or preferring putting TV on a TV stand to using TV mount. Absolutely, forgetting considering the living room size (buying large and much furniture for a small living room or vice versa) when decorating your living room is a mistake. Make changes soon if you already did it.

Don’t consider family activities

Considering family activities when decorating a living room is important. It’s because living room is a special space for family to gather to do many activities like mentioned above. For example, if your husband loves reading so much and there is actually no workroom or home library available at your home, completing the living room with a bookshelf is a must. If you have many small kids, consider putting rug to make them playing comfortably without getting cold. If you and your family members love having coffee very frequently never forget to have a square coffee table. Etc.  Never considering families’ activities means you make a mistake.

Don’t consider color

The color(s) used always influences room’s nuance. Choosing the wrong living room colors you can make it look bad. For example, you choose a color that utterly doesn’t match with living room furniture color (green wall with pink furniture). Besides, you might also choose color that is similar to the furniture color that makes the furniture isn’t seen. How bad it is! Choose an appropriate color. You can choose one color or combine several colors to bring better nuance. Don’t forget to add accessories, like plain blue wall with patterned blue curtain.

Let’s create a comfortable living room to enjoy family time comfortably now!

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