Common Reasons Why Children Abuse Their Smartphone

What do you feel and do when you know that your children abuse their smartphone? You definitely feel disappointed and annoyed, scold, and then punish them, right? You may do these but it is better for you to know your children’s reasons why they abuse their smartphone first because they are going to re-do this bad habit someday later if you are unable to prevent and anticipate it. Basically, there are some common reasons that make your children trapped in this bad habit:

Lack of parents’ attention

When you like spending most your time outside house and ignoring your children, they are usually going to look for attention from others. Unfortunately, most children get attention by doing bad activities, such as: abusing their smartphone to fulfill their bad desires. They usually imitate bad style or activity based on videos or photographs that they see and show it to their friends.

Thus, you are required to pay attention to and maintain communication with your children so they don’t feel lonely.

Get freedom in using smartphone

Facilitating your children with smartphone is a good thing but it does not mean that you give them freedom in using smartphone. Realize that children are impressionable and able to be persuaded easily with strange or new things, such as: visiting certain websites that provide inappropriate videos or pictures. Furthermore, by getting freedom in using their gadget, they probably use their smartphone to insult their friends (do cyber bullying) via social networking site accounts, SMS, or call.

To minimize the risks of smartphone abuse that is done by children, give time limit to use their smartphone and install mobile spy, like mSpy to monitor their activities in smartphone. For more information about this app, visit

Have bad friends

During childhood period, they usually don’t know how to differentiate good and bad friends. If they socialize and interact with bad friends, there is a big possibility for them to be influenced by their friends. They might smoke, drink alcohol, watch inappropriate videos, chat with strangers, and many more. To overcome this problem, you always need to communicate with your children, give advices, and remind them. If possible, limit their time to go outside house and cooperate with other parents and even teachers to monitor children activities.

By knowing this information, hopefully you can make your children use their gadget wisely.

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2 Responses to Common Reasons Why Children Abuse Their Smartphone

  1. Diogo says:

    Foreclosing children’s smartphone is also a good way if your children abuse their gadget.

  2. Vicca H says:

    Children’s high curiosity can also be a cause of that problem. They even want to to do everything to make what they want to know is achieved, including everything about inappropriate things. It’s why parents need to educate their children. Actually, my explanation is rather related to your first point.

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