How to Offer Tutoring Service at Home?

Becoming a housewife that only takes care of house and family can be boring. You might want to try to do other things. You might start thinking about making money to help your husband. Your plan is good. Becoming a tutor is one of the ideas you can take, moreover if you have bachelor degree. Now, start preparing the tutoring service you’ll offer.

First is deciding the subject you will teach. You can teach a school subject or even college subject that fits college major you ever took. This way, you’ll be more likely good at it and the four years certification can be used to support your teaching. If you took math at college, you can teach math. You can also teach other subjects that you master although you didn’t take it a college. For example, you know that your neighbors’ children are bad at language, why don’t you teach English too?

Next is advertising you and your business. Yes, becoming a tutor is also a business. Students that you teach are your customers. You won’t get customers if you don’t promote yourself. By the way, how could you advertise yourself? Start from your own neighbors. Ask neighbors whose children need tutoring service. Also ask your children’s friends. If needed, you can make brochures and spread them to your children’s school, neighbors’ houses, or even colleges near your home (if exist).

The last is having a study room and other required things. If there is no extra space at your house, you can ask your husband to create an additional space for you. Then, have a whiteboard, marker, laptop, printer, DVD player, and textbook. In addition, you can use Tibetan singing bowl to guarantee the comfort and good nuance at your classes.

Become a good tutor!

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