Carpet Cleaning Methods

Did you just install a carpet? Deciding to use carpet flooring you might want to beautify the room and get more comfort since it has stunning look and warm surface. However, one thing to keep in mind for those who have carpeted rooms is to know the best ways to keep carpet clean and fresh. Without proper and regular maintenance, carpet likely has shorter lifetime.

Therefore, you should get to know some carpet cleaning methods first in order to take care of your flooring. Be sure to consider several methods in the following:

Shampoo cleaning

This is the most common and simplest way to remove dirt and stain on carpet. Shampooing is the method in which homeowners use shampoo or chemicals to clean up the carpet. This is perfect for cleaning area carpets or rugs. Nevertheless, this is not a good choice for some people because it takes pretty much time to dry carpet since it is water-based method. Moreover, this method only cleans the surface, not a deep cleaning.

Steam cleaning

Another highly recommended way is steam cleaning. This method is also known as hot water extraction in which you need to use hot water and then the heat will suck up the dirt and dust. Steam cleaning is an effectively deep cleaning method that removes until the bottom of carpet fibers. Unfortunately, this method requires heavy and high-cost equipment that is usually truck-mounted. Therefore, you better hire pros on if you need steam cleaning services to get the carpet cleaning jobs well-done.

Dry cleaning

Last, dry cleaning is also among the most preferred methods to clean carpet, according to some homeowners. Dry cleaning is a process of removing dust, dirt, and stain on carpet by spreading carpet absorbent powder and then vacuuming it. The main benefit of using this carpet cleaning method is the fact that it uses no water like shampoo and steam cleaning. There’s no need to wait for the drying time to use your carpet again.

Well, which method are you going to choose?

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2 Responses to Carpet Cleaning Methods

  1. Dianne says:

    I used to think carpet cleaning is only vacuuming.. Thanks for this…

  2. Stesha says:

    As far as I know, cleaning carpet is not easy, especially to shampoo.

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