Do These If You Want to Have a Comfortable Bedroom

My best friend, named Julia likes staying at my apartment. She likes doing this because she does not have a comfortable bedroom. I ever visited her apartment and looked her bedroom. I was so surprised at that moment because her bedroom looked untidy. This happened because she did not have enough time to organize and tidy up that room. Besides, she did not know what she should do, so she ignored her bedroom.

How about you? Do you have a comfortable bedroom? If you don’t and want to have a comfortable bedroom, you should follow these guidelines:

Get rid of mess

Most homeowners assume that their bedroom is private area that can be used for storing everything, so they like collecting and fulfilling various goods in their bedroom. The worst part is they like putting dirty clothes and throwing trashes in this room carelessly. If you also like doing this, stop doing it now! Realize that discomfort usually happens because of untidiness and dirty atmosphere. Therefore, get rid of mess in your bedroom. Remove old and unused goods, tidy important stuffs, and clean all bedroom parts from dust and dirt! Additionally, to prevent you to throw trashes as you like, provide a trashcan.

Use soft colors

Research shows that painting bedroom with bright colors, such as: red and orange will never make homeowners comfortable when going to sleep. Why? Bedroom needs to be painted with soft colors, like light blue, light green and cream, so it gives comfortable nuance. Because of this, use soft colors in your bedroom. To enhance wall’s appearance, hang your favorite paintings or idol’s pictures.

Install dim lamps

Aside from stressing out, feeling depressed, getting bad mood, or hearing noise, another factor that makes you unable to sleep comfortably is light intensity in bedroom. Thus, replace current lamps with dim ones. This is important to do so you can feel sleepy and take a rest fast and comfortably. Some recommended lamps that you can install are cotton pendant lampshade and wooden table lamp.

Replace old bedding with new one

Do your mattress, cushions, and bed linen still look good? If those don’t, replace them with new ones. Bear in mind to buy new bedding from reliable and professional stores, such as: French Connection that provides frayed edges duvet cover, tied edges duvet cover, and several cushions choices. Furthermore, this online store provides bed accessories, such as: hot water bottle cover, over the knee socks, linen ombre throw, reversible cotton throw, super soft fringe blanket, and much more.

Install rug

To keep warm atmosphere in bedroom, you are highly recommended to install rug. This stuff is useful to absorb noise from other rooms, so you can get comfort. Bear in mind to match rug’s color with bedroom’s color and clean it minimum once a week, so it is not dirty. Use vacuum cleaner and dry it in the sun to clean it optimally.

Don’t forget to make sure that air circulation in your bedroom flows smoothly. If you only have one window, consider installing new ones, so this room is not stuffy and humid. By doing these tips, you can have a comfortable bedroom.

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