Steps to Buy and Install Artificial Turf

Garden is an outdoor space to enjoy the beauty of nature and get relaxed on spare time. Aside from taking care of garden regularly, homeowners may need to find a way to make garden a better place to stay in. They probably install outdoor lighting or put a bench and outdoor furniture. How about you? If you have no idea, think about installing artificial turf to make your garden look more fabulous.

Follow simple steps below to get started:

Select a location

If you have a wide backyard, you ought to choose where to install artificial turf which is also known as synthetic turf or synthetic grass. Take a look at your backyard and choose an area that is more appropriate for artificial turf installation. Ideally, you need to consider aesthetics, comfort, and safetywhen choosing a location. Don’t worry about kids and pets that’ll step on the fake grass because it is safe.

Measure the area

After selecting the best area to install artificial turf, your next task is doing measurement. This step mainly aims to let you know the exact size of artificial grass you’ll have to buy for your garden. Furthermore, you are able to estimate the cost of artificial turf installation after measuring the area. As a matter of fact, artificial turf installation providers require you to pay per square meter.

Buy artificial turf

Then, you can go to the stores to find the best synthetic turf Phoenix for your yard. When shopping around, there are several aspects to consider. The first is its durability. How long will the artificial grass last? Also, as mentioned previously, the size of artificial turf is a crucial matter to pay attention to. You definitely need a product that has appropriate size to your garden.  Don’t forget to choose the right color and style, too, since your main purpose is to bring a new look to your home exterior design. Last, make sure it is affordable.

Hire a licensed contractor/installer

Installing artificial turf is quite complex, so you need to hire a contractor or installer. Remember, you need to find the licensed one to give the best result of synthetic turf installation as well as warranty. In addition, bear in mind to discuss about the installation plan, schedule, and cost with the team prior to installation.

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