Before Throwing a Wedding Party

Do you plan to throw a wedding party in the short time? If you do, you have to prepare enough budgets and ask permission from your parents first, so you can enjoy this special and memorable moment. Besides, you are highly encouraged to do important things like mentioned below:

Choose the right time and venue

When and where do you exactly want to throw this event? You have to choose the right time and venue for this. To get good decision, it is better to discuss with your sweetheart and family. Ideally, weekend is the right time to throw party because on weekend, most of people don’t work, so they can attend the party without disturbing their routines. Meanwhile, for venue, it depends on your budgets and wedding needs. If you want to throw a luxurious wedding party, choosing a big ballroom is highly recommended.

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Invite guests earlier

One week before throwing wedding party, invite all your guests. Send wedding invitations yourself or ask for helps from your family members. If you want to invite your family members, friends, and colleagues who live in another city, call them or send direct mail or email.


Consume healthy foods and beverages

There are many brides and grooms who stress out before getting married. This makes them not pay attention to foods and beverages that they consume. Thus, they get sick at last. If this happens, of course they will never enjoy their wedding party. To prevent this problem, take care of your body’s health by consuming healthy foods and beverages, so when the party comes up, you can do your best.

Hopefully, by doing the things above, your wedding party runs smoothly. Good luck. 🙂

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