Go for Touring by Riding Motorcycle

After exploring snow area by driving UTV last week, this week, my friends and I wants to go for touring by riding motorcycle. I often go for touring together with my friends. This makes me know what I should and should not do. Well, do you plan to go for touring or road trip by riding motorcycle in the short time? If you do, it is better to follow tips below:

Check motorcycle condition

Check air filter, oil heating process, brakes, lamps, tires pressure, or suspension in detail. This is useful to minimize the risks of getting breaking down or wasting time when touring because of bad motorcycle condition.

Bring and use touring completeness

Use helm and bring VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), identity card, and riding license. To make you feel cozy when riding, use gloves and shoes and wear a leather jacket. Make sure that you feel comfortable during the tour.

Take a rest

There are many riders who force themselves to ride continuously when feeling tired and sleepy. This is a big deal because they can get any accidents at last. Therefore, take a rest for 15 minutes after riding for two hours. Use your time as well as possible to eat, drink and go to toilet. If you take a long tour which spends more than 6 hours, take 15-30 minutes to sleep. This is useful to get your mood and endurance back.

Last but not least, control your emotion during touring. Don’t follow your egoism to ride motorcycle too fast, unless you want to get any accidents.

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