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What is Property Appraisal?

An appraisal is an evaluation of the property being sold for the purpose of determining the property’s fair market value. This value is supposed to reflect the most likely sale price of a property in a reasonable period of time.

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Why You Should Repair Your Home Before Mortgage?

The mortgage company requires repairs to the home. Mortgage companies are investing in the purchase of the home as much as they are investing in the buyers. If the buyer does not pay the mortgage, the lender winds up with … Continue reading

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Joining a Home Mortgage Program, Is It Good?

The mortgage program for the buyer is discontinued. Any special loan program that is available from small lenders, investment pools, or investment groups through mortgage companies may be available today and gone tomorrow.

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The Critical Components Before You Decide to Mortgage You House

The mortgage is a critical component of the transaction, and many issues can short circuit the process. Other mortgage situations that may cause a transaction to fall include the following.

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Should You Consider the Buyer Remorse? (3)

The treatment was done the same day. Two days later, the water was retested and no bacteria were found. The water was clean.

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